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100 Years of Insurance the AAA Way

For more than 100 years, we’ve provided a unique combination of excellent insurance products, superior personal service, and enthusiastic support of our communities. Find out more about our company's history.

  • Who we are

    Our mission is to make insurance simple, proactive and personal. Read more about what makes us — us.

  • 100 is just the beginning

    Learn about our origin, how we've developed over the years, and the steps that led to our success.

  • Watch our history in action

    Watch our history unfold, meet a few of the people who made it happen, and see how we’ve responded to some of the greatest natural disasters of the last hundred years.

  • Company timeline

    Follow our step-by-step development through the decades as we add new states and products, respond to major disasters, and expand into a coast-to-coast provider of AAA Insurance.