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Letter from President and CEO Tom Troy

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As one of America’s leading insurers, CSAA Insurance Group is committed to helping our members prevent, prepare for, and recover from life’s uncertainties. But our commitment to creating a safer and better future extends far beyond our business operations, to our communities, our environment and our employees. Being a responsible corporate citizen is part of our DNA, and I am tremendously proud that CSAA is a truly purpose-led organization.


At this stage of our journey, we’re evolving from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). ESG is a framework for setting more definitive goals, measuring results and building in best practices to ensure we are good stewards on behalf of our constituencies—employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment—and that we can respond to changing economic demands. However, we will never lose sight of the power of doing good, irrespective of business impact.


This 2020 report shares our recent progress across these priorities and shares some of our vision for what lies ahead in Environmental, Social and Governance.


We’re confident that this focus allows us to maintain an ongoing program that can evolve over time and position us for long-term success. We recognize that this is a journey, not a destination.


As I look at what we have accomplished, I am incredibly inspired by the fact that this effort has always been led by people across CSAA, at every level. They are the ones who will hold me responsible to make good on our promises and be the force for good that we can be. So I thank them for their leadership, with the knowledge that their passion and energy will ensure our continued success.


Thomas M. Troy

President and Chief Executive Officer



Working Together for a Better Future


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At CSAA, we believe protecting our planet from the threat posed by climate change is an inherent responsibility to our customers, employees, business partners, and the communities we serve, live in and work in. Our focus has been and will continue to be on keeping our communities safe from devastating wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, and severe weather related to climate change. 


Strength Through the Power of Inclusion


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At CSAA, fostering an inclusive workforce is an essential component of our company’s core beliefs. Through intentional acts of inclusion, we strive to create an environment where everyone not only feels the sense of belonging critical to a great team, but also has the ability to leverage their differences to innovate, problem-solve, and thrive, creating individual opportunity and providing CSAA with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.





Proactive Oversight 


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CSAA has established a well-developed corporate governance structure that incorporates sophisticated private and public corporate best practices to ensure not only compliance with all legal and financial regulations, but also ethical conduct in everything we do.