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Innovation at CSAA Insurance Group means maximizing the value of our existing business, improving operations, enabling deeper member relationships, diversifying our portfolio and creating new value for club partners. We are always enhancing our products and services to meet evolving needs of AAA Members and our partners.


We’re exploring disruptive technologies and business models in the market, bringing our deep insights and expertise in-house, and leveraging them to optimize our core offerings and build entirely new solutions. We’re teaching employees new ways of working, and giving them the tools and resources they need to pursue everyday innovation.


Initiatives we’re actively pursuing include:

  • Owl Cameras/Claimporter: We partner with Owlcam, using their industry-leading video security and safety service to improve the claims experience for customers. CSAA Insurance Group is the first major U.S. property and casualty insurer to leverage Owlcam’s pioneering Video First Notice of Loss (vFNOL) feature, giving customers the option to report and open an insurance claim directly from the Owlcam mobile application. CSAA Insurance Group is also one of three AAA-affiliated insurers to first make use of Owlcam's Crash Report feature, which lets drivers submit verified crash video and other information directly to insurance companies.
  • Cape Analytics: We partner with Cape Analytics to leverage advanced technology to more accurately quote home insurance policies, resulting in improved underwriting decisions, risk selection and customer experience. Specifically, the company used Cape's property intelligence to help members proactively repair damaged roofs, provide more accurate policy pricing at both renewal and new business, and reduce unnecessary inspections of high-quality roofs.
  • Lyft: We partner with the ride-hailing service Lyft to give customers the option to receive Lyft ride credits in lieu of a rental vehicle after they are involved in an accident. The partnership is a first-of-its-kind offering for the insurance and ride-hailing industries. (Watch the video below to learn more.)