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Help is here


If you have experienced the loss of your home or vehicle, AAA is here to help. The following guide will help you know what to expect now and throughout the insurance claim process.

If you would like a hard copy of this information mailed to you, talk to your Claims Representative. You will be sent a binder that includes additional resources, as well as pockets to store important documents and notes.

This guide is also available in a printable format. Simply click on the links below to print pages directly from your browser. To save the PDFs to your computer, go to File, then "Save As…"




AAA is here


On behalf of everyone at AAA, we are deeply sorry that you have experienced a major loss. Please know we are here to help you through the recovery process. This guide will provide information to support you on your journey forward, and will help you stay organized.

Here is our commitment to you, as your insurance company:


  • We will treat you with respect, and we will always answer any questions about your coverage.
  • We will be responsive and provide excellent service. The Claims Representative assigned to assist you will strive to return calls and messages the same day. After a major catastrophe, this may temporarily be a bit slower.
  • We will address any concerns you have. If there’s anything you think we can improve, please ask to speak to your Claims Representative’s supervisor.
  • We will handle your claim on an individual basis and based on the terms of your insurance policy. Just as every home is different, so is every claim.


We want you to know that we have been helping AAA Members recover and rebuild for more than 40 years. We offer industry-leading coverages. We are not publicly traded, and we don’t answer to stockholders: Our focus is on serving you and AAA Members.


We know this can be a stressful and challenging time. It’s important to take care of yourself and allow some time to process what has happened.


Thank you for selecting AAA for your insurance needs. We value you as a customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Please know that as you chart your path forward, we are here to help.


Robert Valliere | Executive Vice President, Insurance Operations
CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer

Taking care of you: immediate steps

As we start this journey to recovery together, there are a few things that will happen right away. We will do the following:

Tips and considerations

You will have some decisions to make in the upcoming weeks and months:

Selecting contractors

Should you decide to rebuild, you have the right to select the contractor of your choice.

Understanding your coverage

You may have received a copy of your homeowners policy declarations page. This document summarizes the types of coverages you have.

Coverages A, B, C and D

Your homeowners policy includes different categories of home insurance. Here are some descriptions:

Home Insurance Definitions

As you go through this process, you will hear various insurance terms. Here are some of the most common ones defined:

What to expect after a wildfire

If you have experienced the loss of your home from a wilfire, AAA is here to help. The following will help you know what to expect now and throughout the home insurance claim process. If you have questions, work with your AAA Claims Representative.

Auto insurance claims: what to expect

As a AAA Auto Insurance policyholder with comprehensive auto coverage, you are eligible to be paid for damage caused to your vehicle by something other than a collision, like wildfire, hail, a fallen tree or water. Your deductible — the amount of your claim for which you may be responsible — may apply to this claim. This amount may be subtracted from your offer of payment.