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About Us


At CSAA Insurance Group, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We continuously challenge ourselves to find innovative and better ways to serve members and communities.

Our Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Program ensures that diverse and sustainable suppliers are included in our ecosystem.



Diverse and Sustainable Supplier Program Purpose


At CSAA, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and sustainable supply base that reflects the diversity of our marketplace and our care for the environment. We are committed to using qualified and certified vendors and enterprises owned by people of color, veterans, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, and certified small businesses.  We actively and intentionally aim to build relationships with suppliers and community organizations that share our commitment to make worthwhile and meaningful contributions to people, communities, and the planet while providing the highest quality of products, goods, and services.



Diverse and Sustainable Supplier Program Vision


CSAA is a leader in the insurance industry and will create a supplier inclusion program. We will have a selection of suppliers that will assist us with successfully achieving our corporate objectives of integrating diverse and sustainable suppliers in our purchasing process and climate journey.


Learn more about CSAA’s Inclusion and Belonging




A Message from Our President and CEO

“At CSAA, we take supplier diversity very seriously. Not only do we want to give diverse suppliers an opportunity to compete for our business on an equal footing with larger competitors, but by diversifying our supplier base, we also potentially increase innovation and help the local communities that these diverse suppliers are part of, adding new business opportunities, tax revenue and income.”

                                                                                               Michael Zukerman



A Message from Supplier Diversity and Sustainability Lead

“CSAA’s Supplier Diversity & Sustainability program philosophy centers around our culture and values. The program is critical to champion because it welcomes the inclusion of suppliers and provides them with an opportunity to compete for our business on an equal footing with larger competitors. The program drives an inclusive and sustainable mindset across the CSAA organization. Our commitment to working with suppliers that share in our climate journey and diversity, equity, and inclusion beliefs helps us to create sustainable communities and increase economic impact.”

                                                                            Shondra Watson-Wilson



Become a Supplier


Sustainable and diverse partnerships are an integral component of our climate journey and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy.


We are committed to actively seeking out certified diverse and environmentally conscious suppliers that can provide high-quality goods and services that align with our business strategy.

To be considered for our Supplier Diversity Program, the diverse company must be 51% owned, operated, and controlled by people of color, veterans, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community,  persons with disabilities, or be a certified small businesses.

•            Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

•            Women Business Enterprise (WBE)

•            LGBTQ+ Business Enterprise

•            Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

•            Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE)

•            Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDV-DOBE)

•            Disability-Owned Business (DOBE

If you’re interested in becoming a CSAA supplier, we encourage you to register here

If you would like to connect with a supplier diversity program leader, email us at supplier.diversity@csaa.com.






A Diverse, Inclusive, and Sustainable Business Environment


Our annual Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Survey Assessment provides insights and value to our procurement and supply chain ecosystem.  The results of this assessment will provide CSAA with greater insights on how we can continue to leverage our platform and influence to drive responsible change at scale.

If you are a CSAA supplier that has not completed the 2023 annual Supplier Diversity and Sustainability assessment survey, please click here


Supplier Outreach


Our strategic outreach involves interviewing prospective suppliers at regional and national supplier diversity events and sharing important information and criteria about doing business with CSAA. We work with several diverse and sustainable business service organizations for targeted supplier identification.

CSAA executives and team members participate in seminars and business expos to provide an opportunity for supplier engagement.  We also use a virtual platform to conduct interviews and promote connections with our suppliers. You may also contact a supplier diversity and sustainability leader at supplier.diversity@csaa.com




Tier II Diversity Reporting


CSAA has developed and launched a Tier II Supplier Program, which is a partnership between CSAA and its prime suppliers. We request that prime suppliers subcontract a portion of their CSAA contracts with diverse suppliers.

CSAA tracks the dollars our suppliers spend with diverse businesses. Tier II Spend dollars are measured in two ways: Direct and Indirect.


Direct spend, which is the amount of spend being managed under contract with one or more certified classified suppliers related to the specific commodity or services identified in a supplier or potential supplier’s proposal to CSAA.


Indirect spend, which is the amount of spend occurring with one or more certified classified suppliers not related to the specific commodity or services attributed to any specific customer or contract. Indirect Spend is the most common form of spend and can be attributed to multiple customers versus Direct Spend which is attributed to a specific contract or customer.

CSAA accepts indirect and direct spend.

Are you a CSAA Prime Supplier in our Tier II Supplier Program? Report your company’s tier II diverse spend here


Glenn Carsten Peters


Sustainable Suppliers


CSAA Insurance Group wants to lead by example and respond to the climate crisis by being a leader in the climate space. Our commitment to promoting and implementing sustainable practices goes beyond just the business decisions at CSAA. Our climate journey is embedded internally and externally. This external reach extends to our partnership with our suppliers.


Our procurement team actively seeks suppliers that have their own environmental and/or sustainability programs. CSAA conducts an annual supplier assessment to determine how our suppliers align with our climate journey. We understand that organizations are at various stages of their climate journey, therefore, we provide consulting and resources to assist companies with their programs.


CSAA actively conducts business with companies that are environmentally conscious.

Register your company to our portal and complete our annual supplier diversity and sustainability survey.

Be prepared to share information about how your company can help us along our climate journey.


Learn more about CSAA’s Climate Journey in our annual Impact Report



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I complete my registration on the CSAA supplier portal?

After your profile has been completed in its entirety, the listed contact person will receive a completion notification via email. If and when an opportunity that matches the products and/or services needed by CSAA becomes available, a member of the procurement team will reach out to your listed contact.  





Partners and Resources


Current diverse suppliers should re-certify their diversity classification on an annual basis and upload it to our portal. Please make sure your certification is current.